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Selection of works:

Wasserstoff (2018 / 2021)
Song Cycle with lyrics by Unica Zürn, Daniel Graziadei, Joseph von Eichendorff – formerly known as “Du wirst dein Geheimnis sagen”

Glacier Point With Milky Way (2020)
for electronics (fixed media)

Lightness (2019)
for Solo piano

Lightness (Music Sheet)

November 14 (2019)
for piano

Klavierkonzert (2018)
for piano, ensemble and live-electronics

Animal Dreams (2016)
live-electronics, with sonic material exclusively by animals

Schatten Rosen Schatten (2015)
lyrics by Ingeborg Bachmann
for solo voice, live-electronics and optional instruments

Mondnacht (2015)
lyrics by Joseph von Eichendorff
for solo voice and piano

Drei Epigramme nach Bertolt Brecht (2014)
for solo voice, choir, piano and live-electronics

Auftakt (2014)
for orchestra and electronics

Wildruhezone (2014)
for ensemble and electronics

Klaviertrio (2001/2013)
for violin, cello and piano

Musik für Klavier und Elektronik Nr. 4 (2013)
for piano and live-electronics

Musik für Klavier und Elektronik Nr. 3 (2013)
for piano and live-electronics

suite de tout (2013)
for alto saxophone and piano

Erlkönig (2012)
lyrics by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
for voice and piano

Everything (Lied II) (2012)
for soprano and electronics

Craving (2012)
for violin and piano

Trio für Klarinette, Violoncello und Klavier (2012)
for clarinet, cello and piano

Lied (2011)
for mezzo-soprano and piano

Politisches Lied 2011 (2011)
lyrics by Norbert Niemann
for voice (mezzo-soprano), tenor saxophone, trombone,
electric guitar, piano, percussion, accordion, violin and double bass

Widerschein III – Reset (2010)
for flute, clarinet, cello, piano and electronics

322 aus „Dunkle Räume“ (2010)
for brass and percussion

Musik für Klavier und Elektronik Nr. 2 (2010)
for piano and live-electronics

Klavierquintett – Der Sommer meines Lebens (2010)
for string quartet, piano and elektronics

Odyssee – Entgleisung nach oben (2010)
for flute, violin, cello, guitar, marimba, piano and electronics

Vier Räume – Öffnung < Firmament > Treppe < Fenster (2010)
for solo violin, solo cello, harpsichord, string orchestra and live-electronics

Widerschein II – fragment / auskopplung — another place (2009/10)
for soprano saxophone, Hammond Organ and live-electronics

Musik für Klavier und Elektronik Nr. 1 (2008/09)
for piano and electronics

Ausblick (2004)
for string orchestra

Die Zeit und das Zimmer (2002/09)
for flute, viola and harp
after Botho Strauß

Sperduto (1998)
for clarinet and piano

4 frühe Klavierstücke (1992-97)
for Solo piano

1 Tunaxilia (1992)
2 Versuchung (1994)
3 Aria (1996)
4 Waldstück Nr. 1 (1997)