My latest releases

Silver Lining (Out since October 20th, 2023).
A cinematic pop song about a major upcoming change.  
Many wonderful and talented artists contributed their skills – I`m excited for you to hear the result!
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Friday Afternoon (feat. Theresa Sittenauer) was released on June 16, 2023.
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#pop #popmusic #popsong #indiepop #glampop #poprock

Lead Vocals: Theresa Sittenauer
Backing Vocals: Carina Chère, Jacky Hoeger
Guitar: Michael Wagner
Bass: Marco Saller
Drums: Torsten Krill
Violins: Nataliya Dubova, Martin Franke, Miku Imamura, Mariko Umae
Cello: Andreas Schmalhofer
Trumpets: Leonardo Dianori
French Horns: Felix Winker
Keys & Synths: Stefan Schulzki
Composed, arranged and produced by Stefan Schulzki
Mixing: René Jesser
Mastering: GKG Mastering
Cover Artwork: Stefan Schulzki
Special Thanks to: Ted Ganger

(feat. Theresa Sittenauer) was released on April 14, 2023. Click here to listen to it on your favorite platform.
#pop #popmusic #popsong #poprock #indiepop #glampop

film music 1998-2003
A selection of tracks that I composed and arranged for films between 1998 and 2003 – 
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WASSERSTOFF (Digital Album and/or physical Release (CD, Limited Edition)
(feat. Beatrice Ottmann)
Album with 8 tracks, mainly after poems by Unica Zürn, Daniel Graziadei & Joseph von Eichendorff – somewhere between Filmmusic, Experimental Music and Pop…
This was my favorite project in the 2010s, and was mainly composed between 2014 and 2017/18.
Our first performances in concert took place in March 2018; the studio recordings were finished in January 2021.
#Poetry #Polystylism #Electronica #Psychedelic #Indie #Soul #HipHop #Cooljazz #Ambient #Avantgardejazz #Filmmusic #PoetryMusic

Available since March 2021
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All of these tracks are also available here:

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Some more information about my latest releases:
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My Lovely High Head (feat. Beatrice Ottmann)

Adeu del Sol (Schwarz & Funk feat. Stefan Schulzki)

November 14

One Minute Rainbow

Todeslust (featuring Beatrice Ottmann)

l i g h t n e s s  (new recording)
Music sheet available here

Die Zeit und das Zimmer

Above (Schwarz & Funk feat. Stefan Schulzki)

… + Some impressions from my studio: