Upcoming Releases

Wasserstoff (feat. Beatrice Ottmann)
(January 2021)
Album with 8 tracks, mainly after poems by Unica Zürn, Daniel Graziadei & Joseph von Eichendorff – somewhere between Experimental Music and Pop…
#Poetry Music

Some more of my latest releases:

My Lovely High Head (feat. Beatrice Ottmann)


Adeu del Sol (Schwarz & Funk feat. Stefan Schulzki)

November 14


One Minute Rainbow

Todeslust (featuring Beatrice Ottmann)

l i g h t n e s s  
(new recording)
Music sheet available here


Animal Dreams is a composition made entirely with sounds from animals – something in between experimental audioplay and animalistic symphony (12 minutes)

Die Zeit und das Zimmer

Above (Schwarz & Funk feat. Stefan Schulzki)

Some impressions from my studio: