Upcoming Releases

Currently, I’m working on a new song to be released in October, and I have some other songs in the pipeline to be released every 6-8 weeks – so stay tuned!

OUT NOW: New music video of Conclusion (feat. Theresa Sittenauer)

Friday Afternoon (feat. Theresa Sittenauer) is OUT NOW! … since June 16, 2023, available on all major platforms

Conclusion (feat. Theresa Sittenauer) is OUT NOW! … since April 14, 2023.

Take Me to the Stars (feat. Theresa Sittenauer) has been released on June 3, 2022.

Besides, I’m working on some other new songs as well… if things go smoothly, I hope to release my next album (currently 12 tracks are in the plans) in spring 2024… Stay tuned! (Would be nice if you could follow me on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter – this would be much appreciated!) 🤗